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Memory Man by David Baldacci

Fun fact: I sometimes enjoy a good crime thriller. I can't handle a lot of gore, but I love the mysteries and suspense - which is surprising since I hate anything suspenseful in movies. Memory Man is my new favorite crime thriller. This is the first David Baldacci novel I've read, and OH. MY. GOSH. Almost everything about this book rocks. Bonus, there are also three other books in this series, and a fourth is due to come out later this year.

Amos Decker was in a serious accident during his first and last NFL football game. As a result of this accident, Amos now has hyperthymesia - a condition where he can't forget anything. He also has synesthesia. This means his brain ties random things he sees or experiences with numbers or colors. This all may sound cool and useful, but when he walks in on the scene of his family's brutal murder, his conditions become torture. He now sees everything exactly as it happened, over and over again in perfect detail, all tied to the color of electric blue.

Amos slinks into a serious depression that takes him months to shake. Eventually he does, becoming a private investigator where he had previously been a detective. The police never caught his family's killer, and over a year later, a man comes in, confessing to the murders. This opens up the case once more, even though it's clear the man couldn't have done it.

I didn't see the killer coming in this one. It doesn't follow a normal pattern for crime thrillers, and it didn't have normal characters. But it all comes together, and it's sad and gives Amos closure. He is then free to live a normal-ish life.

Memory Man is definitely an adult book. I wouldn't necessarily call it gory, but it is graphic. It is a murder mystery. People have died and die throughout the book. I didn't list it in the summary, but there's a school shooting. This isn't a cozy mystery. Know what you're getting into here. It's an adult crime thriller. There is also a lot of swearing, but not a lot of the "big" swear words.

I know this isn't the kind of book I normally review. I've stuck to either fantasy, romance, or classics. But, this really is a genre I love. AND this book ends happily. Ish. Justice is served, at least, and Amos can move on with his life. How it all comes together is sad. I'm not going to lie about that. But, in the end, you get what you come for.

Edit: Since apparently people keep coming to my site looking for spoilers, I will add some. Be warned.


The killer is some random chick from a support group that Amos was in after his accident. She was mistreated by police in her small town, and she latched onto and was hurt by the fact that he wanted to be a cop. She was helped along the way by the man who confessed to the murders. I’d even go so far to say that she was groomed by him. You will not see this killer coming until it’s revealed because this woman is not mentioned before the reveal. But it’s good and refreshingly different.

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